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Access Database Development and Support

For the past 20 years we have developed numerous database systems, many written in Micorosft Access.
These have ranged from simple data recording and tracking systems, through to systems that
  • Automatically read and extracted data from Excel spreadsheets in specific folders
  • imported date from, and exported data to Microsoft Project
  • Monitored support tickets and displayed statistics in real time for a large Australian Telco during the Y2K era
  • Fuly featured ERP systems for the Rio Industrial Group (refer below)

RIG-ER ERP System 

MRP system involving Bill of Materials, Lots, Jobs, Purchase orders, Consignment Notes, Pick Slips, Delivery Dockets, Stock Reconciliation, Export to MYOB 
Now running at 

Edithvale- Melbourne, Vic - Mobile: 0412-327-496